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Wood fired. Montreal inspired.

Not Your Average Bagel

Bread and bagel fans, if you think you don’t need another bagel in your life, well, you’ve never tried a Montreal bagel. Comparing a Montreal bagel with other superstars like New York bagels is impossible because they are so different (and both quite delicious!) Nonetheless, here are a few ways Montreal bagels are not your average bagel.

Montreal Bagel
More Dense, More Versatile

We’ve got a win-win here! Montreal bagels are higher in density, yet less filling than a traditional bagel. This makes them more versatile, allowing you to eat them in many different ways!

Honey Bee Hive for Montreal Bagels
Sweeter! (But not like a pastry.)

Montreal bagels are boiled in honey water and made without salt, making them slightly sweeter than a traditional bagel. But don’t worry. They’re nowhere near a donut!

Wood-Fired Oven for Montreal Bagels

Baking in a wood-fired oven is a big part of what gives Montreal bagels their signature taste. The bagels have an addictive consistency of crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.

So the great debate: who has the better bagel - New York or Montreal - is a completely ridiculous apples and oranges discussion because they are completely different creatures. [Montreal,] they make them different. They’re sort of crispier, sweeter. But I think it is unfair to both quite magnificent products to try and compare them.
Anthony Bourdain

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