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About Us

The Great Bagel Debate

The great bagel debate began while residing in New York City. Mtl Bagels founder, Ryan Homsy, a native of Montreal, tried to convince his wife (then girlfriend) that Montreal bagels were a culinary masterpiece that could out-rival their New York counterparts. A devoted NY bagel fan, she was not swayed. Naturally, they held a taste test. Anticipating underwhelming results, she was pleasantly surprised with her first bite, proclaiming, “This is delicious, but is it better? I’m not sure." In the end, it was resolved. The two are incomparable! They’re both magnificent and too unique to compare. But one thing was certain: life was better with Montreal bagels. 

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Our Roots

Raised in a large Egyptian family where food was the language of love, Ryan inherited a deep passion for cooking from his Australian mother, who perfected her culinary skills from the family’s traditions. Alongside his two sisters, Ryan honed the art of gastronomy from a young age. One of his sisters even went on to become a famous chef. Ryan took a slightly different path. An engineer by trade, Ryan was also an athlete. He played team handball professionally in France (not the one with the little blue ball…) and was the goalie for the Canadian National team for 15 years. He competed in two PanAm games and one world championship, winning countless national titles.

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But, How Did We End Up In Tucson?

So. How did we end up making bagels in Tucson, AZ? Though he traveled the world playing handball, Ryan's love of Montreal bagels never waned. Fate eventually led him back to Tucson, his wife’s hometown, before the birth of their daughter. The desire for an authentic bagel intensified, and every visit to Tucson from a Montrealer was met with a demand from the family: “Bring us fresh bagels!” After a pivotal trip to Montreal in 2023, Ryan was convinced: “I need more Montreal bagels, and so does Tucson.” Thus, MTL Bagels was born. 

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