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When & Where Can I Get My Bagels?

MTL Bagels are available for purchase at the Heirloom Farmers Market at Udall Park on Fridays from 8am-12pm (or until we sell out). We also accept pre-orders online, which can be picked up between 8-10 am at the market.


What is a Montreal bagel?

The difference between Montreal and conventional bagels lies in the ingredients and how they are baked. Montreal bagels are boiled in honey water, have no salt, and are baked in wood-fired ovens. These differences cause them to have a more dense consistency, sweeter composition, and a crispy outside with a chewy inside.


How sweet are they?

They’re not that sweet! You can detect the honey only slightly, and they are nowhere near as sweet as a pastry. The sweetness only adds to the charm and helps make Montreal bagels incredibly versatile and enjoyable in so many ways!


Why can't I order same-day delivery?

We are a small business operating on a pre-order model (at the moment). We don’t keep bagels in stock. We make them fresh and have one pickup day per week, on Fridays. You can always message us if you have any special needs, and we can work something out.


Do all of your bagels have sesame seeds?

Our cinnamon raisin bagels do not contain sesame seeds. However, they are made in the same facility as the sesame seed and everything bagels, so they are not entirely free of cross-contamination. We cannot claim that they are 100% sesame-free.


How do I keep my bagels fresh for longer?

If you are eating your bagels on the same day that you receive them, they should remain fresh and delicious. If you are eating them the next day, we recommend toasting before enjoying them. If you will not be enjoying your bagels within the first few days, we recommend slicing them and storing them in plastic bags in the freezer. When you are ready to eat them, you can pop them in the toaster and enjoy!


Can we hire you for an event?

Yes! We cater bagels for events and can even arrange to bring our wood-fired oven to the event should you want fresh bagels made on-site. Message us for more information.

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